50th Wedding Anniversary

Wow! Fifty Years! Where did it go?

On Saturday, May 28, 2016 my wife, Diane, and I held a vow renewal ceremony and party celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary (our actual anniversary date is July 2). The event was held at the Lawrence Community Barn in Hollis, NH. 

What a FABULOUS event it was with our friends and family attending from near and far ... Texas, Arizona, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts and all around NH. 

We promised then to love, honor, and cherish each other. We promised to enjoy one another, hold on to one another, and support one another through good times and hard times. And Life has indeed delivered wonderful blessings and difficult challenges.  

Our kids, Karen, David and Joseph each contributed something special to the occasion,  Karen created a memory book comprised of each guests own remembrances along with a "sand" vase. This was a contribution of each guest into a vase, the color of the sand matching the page in the memory book. She also created a musical slide show of our journey through life together.  Joseph and his wife Dorothy had to first learn the art of flower arrangement. Then, after ordering over 400 flowers, they created all the table centerpieces and the large arrangements for the photo/cake table. David was asked to sing a song. He couldn't sing the one I suggested; it wasn't "his" song. So, he wrote his own called "The Wind On My Back."

You can hear David's song by clicking here or going to the Music page.

Here is a Thank You card I made highlighting their gifts.


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