Hat Off His Head!

You've often heard it said, "He'd give the shirt off his back."  Well, this is a wonderful story about a man who gave the "Hat Off His Head."
I was invited to sing the Canadian National Anthem last Sunday, June 1, 2015, for the Toronto Blue Jays who were in town playing the Boston Red Sox that weekend, at Fenway Park in Boston.  It was a glorious, warm and sunny day. Just perfect for a ballgame. I had to arrive early at 10:00 am to do a sound check. When I finished, my family and I left the Park and I thought that I should be holding a Blue Jays hat when I sang the Canadian Anthem.  But I had no hat, only a Red Sox one which just wouldn't do.  So we meandered over to one of the souvenir stores on Yawkey Way to see if I could pick one up.

As we entered the store, we noticed two men, a father and his son, Paul and Scott Williams, sitting on the steps having coffee.  They were wearing Toronto Blue Jays shirts and hats, so we stopped to talk with them.  We told them that I was going to sing their National Anthem; they seemed excited to hear that.  I also told them that I was going inside to see if I could buy a Blue Jay's hat to hold while I sang "O Canada."  Without any hesitation, the father whips off his hat and hands it to me. He said, "It's yours."  I was flabbergasted and didn't know what to say, but thank you so much

There's more to this story.  We all come to find out that this day was his 60th birthday and his son took him to this game.  So, here is a man who is celebrating his 60th Birthday, yet he gives me a gift!

I am so blessed. Not only do I get the tremendous opportunity to sing at Fenway (for the third time!), but I meet up with a gift giver.  

I saw Paul a little while later and he was wearing a brand new Boston Red Sox hat that he bought (see photo to the right).

I will always remember that day with great fondness and gratitude.

Thank you Paul and may you have many more Happy Birthdays to come.



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