2017 Fundraiser for Nancy O Fund


Another year has passed and I’m in Fundraising mode again for the "Nancy O Fund.”  To kick it off I am holding my 17th annual Benefit Irish Show. called "A Little Bit of Ireland"  The show is on March 18, 2017 at Our Lady of Mercy Church Hall, 16 Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack, NH.  For tickets and show information, click on the poster in the column on the right. 

Update on the Nancy O Fund 

You can find out all about the Nancy O Fund and the grants that were made in 2016 by clicking on Grant Summaries under "Nancy O Fund" above.  But here are the highlights.  

Last year, 2016, saw the Nancy O Fund support several performing arts projects from scholarship awards, one-act playwriting contests, asthma camps and more.  But, the most notable was FACT, "Franklin Area Children's Theatre” camps in Franklin, NH.  Franklin is a town in middle New Hampshire.  This program provided a positive performing arts experience for its children in grades one through eight.  And it was also an incredible educational experience for the teenage interns, graduates of prior FACT years, who were hired to work for the 2016 program. They learned how to teach children to perform. Then they took what they learned plus their own theater experience and worked with groups of children. Each of two camps ended with a wonderful public performance on the stage of the Franklin Opera House/Town Hall. The Nancy O Fund was the full sponsor of this program.  

It was because of the financial support from donors like you that this was made possible. I was so proud to be able to reach out to these kids and give them a total theater experience that enriched their lives. You should have seen how happy they were!  


Last year, many of you were kind enough to support us with a contribution. We are truly grateful.  Would you be willing to do that again this year?  Some of you already have and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Many advertising sponsors have already contributed by placing their business ads in the Irish show’s Program. If you want to donate by putting an ad in, you can do that too.  Take a look at last year's Program handout in the right column.  Click on the link to download it. 

The cost for a business card ad is $25, 1/2 page $75, and full page $100.  Please make your check out to “John O Sings” and mail it to my address below.  Also, please email me an image or PDF file of your ad.  I must have the ad file by March 11, 2017  If you want to see what last year's Program handout looked like, download it from the column on the right. 

If you would just like to donate directly to the "Nancy O Fund," you can send the check to me and I will mail it in to the Fund in your name.  Otherwise, there are detailed instructions on my website on how to do that on-line yourself. 

Again, thank you so much for your generosity and support.  Let's make this year another great one for those kids. 

Blessings in Nancy's name... 

♫ JohnO   
John Ogrodowczyk   
12 Hideaway Lane   
Hollis, NH 03049   


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